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Uncovering the secrets of the music industry, UMA speak to high-profile (current) professionals from across the industry each week in order to share with you their wealth of experience and expertise in addition to their own personal insights and lessons learnt, equipping you with a unique tool set that will help you to forge a successful career in this business we call music. UMA host, Max Pepé, delves right into the hottest secrets, tricks, tips, and extracts invaluable advice from the special guests who have been carefully hand-picked by UMA themselves, directly from inside the music industry. This series covers topics such as management, booking agents, tours, publishing, making money, record deals, sync deals, legal worries and everything in between.
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Apr 11, 2016

Justin "Commie" McMullen is a legend in the world of Sync.

Sync - for those of you who may not know - is the method of getting your music placed onto a film, television show or video game, and Justin has an enormous wealth of experience in this area.

In this episode, we discuss the power of sync for artists in 2016 and how it can help to break your music, just like Commie did with Temper Trap. What do people look for? and how can you help your music 'work' for sync?

We discuss the changes in sync over the years and how new platforms such as CueSongs are facilitating sync in the digital space, helping artists to monetise their own catalogue in the increasing sea of online content being produced.

Show notes and links can be found on the Unsigned Music Awards website.

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